The Shanghai Medical Instrument Trade Association (SMITA) is a non-profit Professional and regional social organization, SMITA is voluntarily formed and composed of manufacturing and trading units in Shanghai medical circle, and related R & D and servicing units, and colleges and schools. With regard to industrial work, SMITA is under Shanghai Municipal Economic Commission; and with regard to professional work, it is under the direction of Shanghai Economic Commission. Shanghai Corporation Administration is the register responsible institute for SMITA.
  The SMITA was first established in 1987 had 514 members in 2005 ,whose sales output accounted for about 80 % of the total sales of Shanghai medical instrument industry. Our members are manufacturing and selling over 30 categories ,or over 3000 varieties ,of equipment and material ,mainly including medical radio-diagnostic and radio-therapeutic machines ,emergency apparatus ,equipment for operating room ,medical ultrasonic instrument ,medical optical instrument ,medical physiologic detecting and diagnostic device, artificial organ ,surgical instrument, dental equipment and material, sanitary material and consumables ,and etc. The selling amount in 2005 was about RMB 73.1 billion.
  SMITA's basic aim is ^Service, Intermediacy and Coordination ̄and the self-discipline management of the industry. It exerts itself to offer multi-purpose service to the government and members; safeguard the legal rights and benefits of its members, help to link itself with the government enterprises and society, and serve as a bridge and as cord; rationalize the market order and promote the orderly development of industry. SMITA 's business scope covers below:
  Provide technical consultation;
  Help to hold exhibition and invite investment;
  Exchange information;
  Offer professional training;
  Commend reputed and outstanding products;
  Guide enterprises to build up their faith and credit;
  Hold preliminary examination of prices;
  Help cooperation and exchange;
  Coordinate the administration of the industry, and etc.
  SMITA publishes: News for Shanghai Medical instrument(monthly) and yearbook of SMITA (annually).To give full play of its service function, it sets up market platform each year, organizes domestic professional exhibition and sales activities 5-6 times per year, arranges participation of international fairs and surveys 2-3 times per year ,and undertakes the commission from the related authorities, such as : collection of statistics in the trade, initial price examination, promotion of S & T innovation, training of personnel etc. Besides, according to the procedures and criteria provided, it will select, through public appraisal, products and enterprises from the trade as ^famous Quality Product ^and Faith and Credit Enterprise ̄ respectively, once two years.
Today SMITA is adhering to the guideline of the association purpose of ^ serving the enterprises, normalizing the trade and developing the industrial circle ̄, gradually expanding its functions and strengthening self-discipline administration.